• It's over

    "Under the ground, was a long time ago, the secret heart was born. Do you remember this?

    - Yep, I do. If I could go back in this perfect time, I do this. It was a good time. A time when a people say "I love u.", you didn't run. You was affrayed. No scream, no mercy. A time when a people say "I need u.", you run at her an say a big "me too.". It was a good time...

    - And the heart? Do you remember this? The false heart attack when many girls say "I hate u"... The false...

    - The false love because, I didn't care they and their love. In the past, I was a mad man, a very bad guy and the girls liked this. But, now when their are greats mothers what I'm? A lonely boy.

    - You aren't lonely. Don't say anything like that. You aren't alone! I'm here, like in the past, of the commencement. You're a good guy and I don't care what they're or what they do. Now, don't foget what I say. Okay? We're together and strong, and beautiful and happy. Look the horizon! That is the sunrise. The first sunrise of your new life with me because, you aren't alone, dumbass. I'm here, Levi."

    Under the stars, a boy sing in his country. Alone in front off the ocean. He thinking. He's not lonely?

    "Okay... But, where are you, exactly? Where is your here? I don't see anything. You are what? The hope? You are despair like the cloudy in the blue sky of the night, between the stars and the ground. You... I can't see you. You're just a lonely ghost and me, I'm alive. Where is the death? Please, my hand is for you. Take her! You... I can't stay strong here. Just I can't stay here alive and alone. It's a time when I can say: "I need ur help for despair.". It's the end of the past. So, come take my fucking hand and, please, help me to go in heaven with you and my friends. It's the end of the day. The end of the past, of the old heart of the earth. In the ground. My heart is like the earth, old and dead, and, I feel bad. I'm maybe broken, lonely boy. Take my hand and let's go to the end, to the death, to the new world. Look the horizon, I can't see a titan. My watch is over, Eren! Let's go! "

    A weapon, in his heart adn it's over. No guy for look his end. For cry his death. Nobody alive for stop him. No... Just a ghost. The ghost of his lover, in the past.

    "My watch is over. I say this but, it isn't the true. I'm not dead. I'm alive and now, with a kniffe in my hand, I trust you. Come kill me, titans. Come kill me, darling, and I can come kiss you. Come with me and, kill me, darling, and ... Forever, I'm here with you, Eren. Again, come and kiss you.

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